Hershey’s has stopped British-made Cadbury chocolate from entering America and people are angry

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Image: This is not a drill: British chocolate is now banned in the US

 Golden_ie / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: golden_ie

Earlier this month, Hershey’s wisely decided to stay well out of the row about Cadbury's new owners Kraft tinkering with the chocolate used in Creme Eggs.


Instead, they've been persuing legal action to try to stop the import of all British-made Cadbury's chocolate to the USA. All of it. Oh, and Kit Kats, Toffee Crisps and Yorkie bars are included, too.


According to The New York Times, although Hersheys manufactures Cadbury products in the US under licence (and to a different recipe), they consider the UK-made bars so similar to their own chocolate that they fear consumers might get confused and not realise what they're buying. Hmm.


To counter the foreign-made chocolatey menace Hershey's have reached a settlement with the only company which imports chocolate made in this country, Let’s Buy British Imports. They've agreed not to import any more confusing products to prevent further legal action by Hershey's.

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Twitter user Michele Rosborough protests over Hershey's ban of Cadbury's chocolate

The New York Times broke down the major differences between British- and American-made chocolate rather nicely: “Chocolate in Britain has a higher fat content; the first ingredient listed on a British Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is milk.


“In an American-made Cadbury’s bar, the first ingredient is sugar.”


Cue worldwide anger and the obligatory birth of a new hashtag – this time #boycotthershey.


"But what about the Toffee Crisps, Yorkie bars and Kit Kats", we hear you cry, "they're not made by Cadbury's". True, but Hershey's feel that the “orange wrapper on British Toffee Crisp candies are too similar to wrappers on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups” and “England’s Yorkie chocolate bars should be forbidden because they are too similar in name to Hershey’s York Peppermint Patties.” They're not the same people, not the same.


It seems Hershey’s want to stamp out chocolate bars that actually taste of chocolate.