It turns out, going online to order a takeaway is not so good for your purse strings

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Image: Friday night take away? Don't order it online

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It's been a long day … are you tempted to order your takeaway online tonight?


Well, maybe you shouldn't.


In unsurprising news of the day, researchers have found that when we're unleashed from social judgement – in other words, communicating with restaurant staff on the phone or in person – we go a little wild with our choices. 


In findings published by Management Science, academics from University of Toronto, Duke University, and the National University of Singapore discovered that choosing our dinner from behind a screen translates to spending more cash and consuming more calories. 


Data gathered from 56,000 households shows that when going via the world wide web, customers added 14% more 'special instructions' for example, elaborate and multiple pizza toppings plus 3.5% extra calories, versus when the same homes that made their order over the phone.


Of the findings, Professor Ryan McDevitt, who devised the study, said: "When we think we’re free from social judgments, we’ll order what we really want."


The lesson? 


Stay away from the laptop when it's time for dinner. Or else you might just end up with something like this winging its way to your door …

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Photo: Pizza Hut / The Mirror

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