Forget porridge, a bowlful of Lucky Charms or a cheese toastie, it’s time to get on board with the #ArtofAcai

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Image: Here comes the acai berry bowl café

Via Facebook / OshunCafe

The Oshun Native which is made from Acai, banana, honey and granola 

Another day, another foodie pop-up.


If you’re getting tired of these single-item eateries, then this one may take the berry biscuit.


Now that The Porridge Café in Shoreditch, London, has popped down, it's been replaced by the Oshun Café which sells "premium-grade açaí berry bowls" and nothing else.


That’s right, a café solely dedicated to the açaí berry.


For the uninitiated, the berry in question is a rich purple fruit indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. They taste like a cross between a blueberry and dark chocolate, with an earthy aftertaste, and are favoured by food blogger Deliciously Ella and celebs such as Victoria Beckham, Oprah Wingrey and Matthey McConaughey.


Trading exclusively in the berries, the café will serve four different bowlfuls coming in at a hefty £6 each: the Oshun Native, which is made with açaí pulp, banana and honey; the Oshun Kong, made with açaí pulp, banana, lemongrass, ginger, coriander and honey; the Oshun Tang, made with courgette, lime, sour cherries and açaí pulp; and the Oshun Maya with açaí pulp, raw cacao, cinnamon, orange and avocado. 

Liane Holey, founder of the café said: “Brazil’s streets are filled with vendors blending açaí pulp with fresh bananas and then topped with honey and granola to create an innocuously addictive berry bowl.


“Oshun Café wants the UK to celebrate this way of eating açaí, not just as powder, dried supplements or in smoothies and pasterurised juices.”


Sound tempting? Well, for the açaí virgins among us, they’ll also be serving up sorbet pots and smoothies to kick start our taste for this new food trend.


A berry good option indeed.

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