Finding it hard to stay away from the biscuit tin? Don’t worry, there’s an app to help with that

Mint nutrition

The app: want to go out for a meal without worrying about loading up on extra calories? This will keep you on track and help you choose the best option
Price: £1.49
We say: calorie counting no longer means staying at home with your superfood salad
Good for: social butterflies

Deliciously Ella

The app: a recipes app with over 100 simple, easy-to-follow dishes which are plant-based and free from gluten and refined sugars. Think sweet potato brownies, superfood bread and butternut squash risotto. Mmm
Price: £2.99
We say: food that's good for you has never looked so, well, good
Good for: those who want to eat better rather than lose mammoth amounts of weight

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The app: set your daily goal for water intake and tap the cup or bottle icon to track your sipping habits. You’ll also receive reminders to drink water at regular intervals too. Handy
Price: free
We say: the animated droid shares in your hydrated happiness. How sweet
Good for: staying hydrated

Honestly Healthy

The app: 60 alkaline recipes such as almond milk poached pears, smoked aubergine with tahini and raw hazelnut chocolate brownies
Price: £2.99
We say: this makes the alkaline diet seem a lot less complicated than it sounds, plus the function to search by ingredient makes using up the dregs from your fridge a lot easier

Good for: those looking to make a long-term change rather than a quick fix

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My Fitness Pal

The app: a very big calorie counter. With over 4 million foods, they have the largest database there is
Price: free
We say: it's simple but good
Good for: the counter of calories

Green Kitchen

The app: if you’re a veggie and struggling to keep your diet balanced and varied, there are over 100 recipes to show you how.
Price: £3.99
We say: this is some serious food porn
Good for: vegetarians

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The app: scan a barcode to see what’s really in your food – and we’re not just talking about the calorie count. You can also share you progress with other users
Price: free
We say: great for giving a breakdown of the healthiest snacks to get your hands on
Good for: those looking to shift a few pounds

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Fried Dough / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Frieddough

Food planner

The app: it will organise all the healthy recipes you’ve uploaded or downloaded and compile the required ingredients into a shopping list
Price: free
We say: it’s like a spring clean for your recipes
Good for: getting you organised

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