Chef's food is officially copyrighted in Germany. You have been warned

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Image: Heading to Berlin this summer? Instagramming your food might just  be illegal

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If you're anything like us, approximately 60 per cent of where you choose to spend your precious summer holiday is based on food. 


Rich beef ragu in Tuscany? Buttery, crunchy baguette in Provence? The hippest new restaurant in super-cool Berlin?


Actually, you can now scrap the last one – at least if you're fond of snapping and sharing your dishes on social media. 

Turns out that Instagramming a chef's food in Germany is now officially illegal. 


Yes, high-calibre and highly esteemed cooks whose dishes are deemed 'food artistry' now have copyright protection over their creations, reports newspaper Die Welt.


Flaunting the rule – ie not checking for permission with the person who made your dinner before snapping and posting it – could get you a sharply worded warning from the German government.


You have been warned.

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