This grain alternative is now being grown in the UK. Hurrah!

Everyone's favourite grain alternative is now a proper Brit. Previously cultivated solely in its native Peru and Bolivia, quinoa has been brought to our very own Shropshire


The brains behind the British quinoa revelation is PhD-holding farmer Stephen Jones. He discovered a strain of the crop that had been developed at a Dutch university to survive our less than ideal climate.


It's this variety that is now being grown by The British Quinoa Company and has made it on to the shelves of lunchtime stalwart Pret A Manger, in the form of its Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Quinoa Rice Pot and Sweet Potato and Cauli Quinoa Rice Pot.

The best bit? British quinoa is super eco-friendly, cutting air miles importing the stuff. Plus, whereas South American varieties contain a chemical compound called saponins, which make the outer husk taste bitter and therefore need removing, the Euro-friendly type is free from these, meaning that the nutritious husk gets to stay intact.


Eating Gwyneth-style never looked so good.