An ancient scientific theory proves there is a right and wrong way to hold your slice of pizza

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Image: The perfect way to hold a pizza (science said so)

How would you eat this?

Have you ever wondered why, despite your best pizza-eating efforts, when you pick up a slice of margherita the topping slides off? Well, not any more my friends. 


Scientists have used a 19th century mathematical theory to solve the world's drooping pizza problem. Relieved? We certainly are.

German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss’ Theorema Egregium (from now on called the "fold hold theory") states that by curving something in one direction you force it to become stiff in the other. So, in the case of eating enormous pieces of pizza you’ll need to fold and then hold the crust in a U-shape to keep the slice from sagging.


Aatish Bhatia from Wired, who put the theory to the test, says: “The pizza was flat before you picked it up (in maths speak, it has zero Gaussian curvature). Gauss’s remarkable theorem assures us that one direction of the slice must always remain flat ... But by folding the pizza slice sideways, you’re forcing it to become flat in the other direction – the one that points towards your mouth.”


Aha! Now we get it. Kind of. 


Pizza tonight, anyone?  Well, you’ll need these simple steps for slice perfection:


1. When you pick up your pizza, fold the slice sideways into a U-shape


2. Make sure that one direction of the slice remains flat (the part that points towards your mouth).

The right


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The right way to hold a slice of pizza

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The wrong

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How not to hold a slice of pizza

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Not convinced? Try our two salami and mushroom pizza or mini veggie pizza and practice your fold hold. Then let us know how it went!