Guys, Starbucks have sneaked it off the menu in some of their American stores. Is the cappuccino heading out of our lives?

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We all know that social niceties go out the window when it comes to getting your morning caffeine fix. If anyone gets between you and that cup of Joe in the morning, there could be trouble.


However, what that coffee fix looks like these days could be very different from a couple of years ago.


Once upon a coffee time if you ordered a coffee, what you got was a cappuccino (aka a double shot of espresso with warm foamy milk and a sprinkling of cocoa powder). Ordering such continental delights was a sign of sophistication then.


Fast forward to your local artisan café in 2015, if you want to impress the coffee snobs it’s all about the flat white and cortardo.


Now, news has reached Homemade from across the pond that almost 30 years after it was introduced, the cappuccino has disappeared from Starbucks’ menu in New York, San Francisco and their homeland, Seattle.

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Why? Well, in January Starbucks introduced the flat white and as a result the cappuccino was no longer the default option for those yearning for a milky espresso-based beverage.


For the uninitiated, the flat white has the same shot of espresso but the milky foam takes the middle ground between that of a cappuccino and the milk of a latte.


While there’s no word yet from Starbucks, digital brand consultant Peter Thompson who reviews cafés in London and New York on his Coffee Hunter blog, said that he won’t be mourning the loss.


He told The Times, “The cappuccino is a relic of when the whole world aspired to drink coffee Italian-style. It has come to represent the mass consumption of bland and poorly made chain coffee.


“The flat white represents a new wave of independent, hipster-style craft coffee.”


Are we really saying ciao to the cappuccino? Coffee to go indeed.

What do you think? Is the cappuccino a relic that should slip away from our menus quietly or is it still your go-to cup of coffee? Let us know in the comments box or tweet us @Homemade