There's a waste-saving culinary revolution brewing

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First, there were sinks. Then there were dishwashers. And now? Plates that you don't need to wash up at all. 


No, this isn't some sort of black sorcery come to magically cleanse your crockery after every meal (nice as that would be). Instead, it's a collection of edible plates, thought up by a pair of Belgian designers


Named Do Eat, the brand takes a simple idea – dehydrating potato starch into paper-thin, square sheets that remain malleable – and applies it to plates that you can serve food on and then eat. 


Flavourless, oven friendly and gluten-free, they're not just for supper. Use them as a cupcake case, fold into a teaspoon shape or even write one-use-only recipes on them. 




The duo are currently trying to raise some funds to distribute their idea on Kickstarter. Best of luck with it, you hassle-saving pioneers! 

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Via: Facebook / DoEat

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Via: Facebook / DoEat

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