Apparently cheese on toast is facing a nationwide meltdown

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Cheese on toast with sweet onion relish

We have received some very worrying news. It seems the nation's love for the great British institution that is cheese on toast is waning.


According to reports, only 60% of us tucked into the classic quick-and-easy comfort food this year compared with 67% last year. Yes, we know that is only a 7% drop. But still, it's worrying news. 


Young people are the ones turning their backs on this wondrous foodstuff because, wait for it, they would prefer to tuck into a bowl of pasta, a fajita, or a Pot Noodle as a snack.


Richard Ford, from retail analysts Mintel who carried out the research, said: “To appeal to younger consumers, operators could boost interest by repositioning cheese on toast as an open grilled cheese sandwich."




Well Richard, we might just be able to help you there. These 7 cheese on toast game-changers will have you reaching for the grill in no time …