Feeling the winter blues? Well, you'd better tuck into a dish from one of the happiest places in the world then. Go on, get happy

It’s official. The happiest places in the world have been revealed and (drum roll please) the UK is nowhere near the top spot (we're number 41. Ouch).


The Happy Planet Index has graded each country on its overall happiness and wellbeing – and what is happiness without food? We've found the top 10 dishes that will take you to a happy place.


So, put down those fish and chips or whatever else it is we're supposed to be famous for eating, and enjoy these tastes of happiness from across the globe.

Number 1: Costa Rica

The dish: gallo pinto

Otherwise known as: rice and beans

We say: take your lead from Pickles Travel blog and serve topped with a fried egg. Mmm

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Number 2: Vietnam

The dish: banh mi

Otherwise known as: a baguette

We say: this will put your cheese and pickle sarnie to shame

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Number 3: Colombia

The dish: chuleta valluna or Colombian pork Milanese

Otherwise known as: a breaded pork chop

We say: just add a squirt of lime, some salad and potatoes and this is sure to put a smile on your face

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Number 4: Belize

The dish: fry jacks

Otherwise known as: fried dough. Yum

We say: they’re normally eaten with refried beans, sausages, bacon and eggs. Could this be the new breakfast of champions?

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Number 5: El Salvador

The dish: pupusas

Otherwise known as: corn tortillas filled with cheese, refried beans or ground pork

We say: serve with salsa and coleslaw and you’ve got yourself a good old feast

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Number 6: Jamaica

The dish: jerk chicken

Otherwise known as: chicken in a hot spiced marinade

We say: just add fragrant coconut rice and some beans and you’ll be able to taste the sunshine. Well, almost

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Number 7: Panama

The dish: carimanolas

Otherwise known as: a torpedo-shaped meat pie

We say: it is acceptable to eat these cheese or meat filled pies for breakfast, people

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Number 8: Nicaragua

The dish: arroz con pollo

Otherwise known as: similar to a Spanish paella but with chicken and only chicken

We say: hello sunshine on a plate

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Number 9: Venezuela

The dish: milhojas

Otherwise known as: a French mille-feuille filled with cream, fruit or caramel

We say: no wonder they’re sooo happy

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Number 10: Guatemala

The dish: repollitos con dulce de leche

Otherwise known as: a bit like profiteroles with caramel

We say: we’ll take a plateful with our cuppa, thanks

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What dishes make you happy? Let us know in the comments box below ...