Our obsession with the green, creamy wonders is not so good for their health

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Avocados are the Matthew McConaughey of the food scene. 


Resigned once to fine-but-forgettable starring roles (cold prawn salads with Marie Rose sauce) and with a distinct lack of cool, they're now the most popular fruit on the block: all over Instagram, and even the subject of fan merchandise.


But all this adoration comes at a cost. 


California, who produce a billion pounds of avocados from March to September, is undergoing a drought, reports The IndependentWith 3,183 litres of water required to produce just 1lb of avocados, a shortage is looking like a very real possibility.


In the meantime, let's distract ourselves with these gratuitous shots of the sensation in all their chopped, smashed, sliced and scooped glory.