Is it a korma, bhuna or daal? A new survey reveals all

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Which dish is so beloved by the British public that we've gone and devoted a whole entire week to it? 


Curry, that's what. And, still being in the midst of National Curry Week, it's high time to discover just which incarnation of the satisfying meld of aromatics, spices, onions, ginger, garlic and coconut is our favourite. 


New research from the team behind the seven days of spicy celebration has revealed that the hybrid chicken tikka masala (born, if the myths are to be believed, when a Glaswegian customer requested a sauce for his chicken tikka) is still our number one, with 19% of a sample of 4,320 people picking it. 


Tomato-rich jalfrezi and rice-based biryani is also a big hitter, with both taking 13% of the vote, while 10% like a balti. Super-mild korma has fallen out of favour, though - see, you get nowhere in life for being bland. 


In terms of cuisine, curry now ranks as second favourite. As the biggest category (62%) is now 'other' which actually means we've got more adventurous in what we eat around the UK. And according to the survey it means we're "reflecting the huge variation of cuisine available," according to a Curry Week spokesperson. Third place is Thai food with 10% of the vote.



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