His pastry creations changed the world. Kind of. Now Dominique Ansel is doing the same for ice-cream

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Image: Cronut king Dominique Ansel's latest invention: burrata ice cream

Photo: Instagram / Dominique Ansel

Perfect bite: the new burrata ice-cream

Tempted by the idea of savoury cheese ice-cream? No?


Well, you will be after this. The latest creation from New York-based cronut-founder Dominique Ansel, also known as the reigning king of the pastry world, is a soft-serve burrata ice-cream.


Made from burrata cheese, which is a combination of mozzarella and cream, the ice-cream is swirled onto confit strawberry, topped with balsamic caramel and fresh micro-basil, and served in a homemade honey tuile cone.


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Burrata ice cream

Photo: Instagram / Dominique Ansel

Deep freeze: behold Ansel's cheese ice-cream

US news website Today described the explosion of flavours in the ice cold treat as "round, milky and just a little tangy – it's vanilla's earthy aunt; like a bite of a really good (cold) caprese salad."


Wish you could invent a new ice-cream flavour (don't we all)? Ansel told Refinery29 how he did it:


"I really love the texture of soft serve, but I always wished it had more flavour. Most soft-serve is made with a mix or powder, but I wanted to use fresh ingredients. Simple, quality flavours that we all love.


"And, the first flavour we came up with was burrata, because we wanted a vanilla alternative that was creamier and less sweet. It works really well cold, with that tanginess from the balsamic caramel."


Sounds pretty chill.

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