Say hello to the ginvent and chocvent calendars of your dreams. You're welcome

Remember the excitement of opening a square of cardboard, peeling back a layer of silver foil and unleashing a reindeer-shaped bite of milk chocolate every day until Christmas?


Well, forget about it. Because this year, there are a few thoroughly grown-up alternatives on offer that will appeal to the adult in you a whole lot more. Presenting …



1. The Ginvent Calendar

First up: back and better than ever for 2015 is the Ginvent Calendar, from spirit supremos Gin Foundry. Twenty-four silver panes disguise a series of 3cl bottles of artisan gins for your delectation and delight. 

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Including botanical beauties like Helsinki Gin and the Aussie craft-distilled Four Pillars, it looks a real treat. Upping the ante this year, it also includes an exclusive: Tarquin’s Hedgerow Edition from the Cornwall-based Southwestern Distillery


The only thing that might put you off? 


The price. At £124.95, it's not a cheap treat. But hey, your festive build-up is worth it. 


For more information, visit the


2. The Fortnum & Mason Confectionery Calendar

Now let's take a look at this beauty from the Queen's favourite, Fortnum & Mason. A whole 24 days of sweets and chocolate in a wooden calendar, so you can reuse it year after year.

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(Though, at £125, you'd need to.)


For more information, visit


3. The Hotel Chocolat Truffle Calendar

Hello, a whole month of not one but two truffles a day. Sure, this calendar is meant to be shared, but we definitely won't tell if you don't. 

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It also comes in at a comparatively reasonable £26. So that's good. 


For more information, visit


Merry Christmas indeed. 


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