Pundits reckon the collection of recipes could earn this year's youngest Bake Off contestant a fortune

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Great British Bake Off sugar-scattered super-stardom? It's not something most of us could look in the face of and reject. 


So it makes sense that this year's youngest contestant, 19-year-old Flora Shedden, has quit her course at St Andrew's University in Fife to bring out her debut cookbook. 


The former history of art undergraduate revealed to The Sun that multiple offers from literary agents convinced her to focus on all things baking right now – before her moment in the sun passes. 


“Making the decision was really tough,” she said. “I’d already taken the last year out working so I was quite late starting a degree anyway … putting it off for another year was something I really didn’t want to do. But this is an exciting time and these opportunities are only there now. They won’t come back in four years when I’ve finished my degree." 


Judging from her detail-orientated bakes in the tent, she's also a grafter so it makes sense that she wants to focus all of her attention on the project.


“It was difficult but I knew I didn’t want to do anything half-hearted. I didn’t want either my studies to slide or to produce a book I wasn’t happy with," she added. 


The book, which will be called Gatherings, is set to be a collection of easy-to-follow ideas for entertaining.


This got us thinking. What are some of the other former GBBO contestants up to now? We did some digging.


1. John Whaite: series 3 

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Via: Twitter/ JohnWhaiteBakes

The series three supremo is doing pretty well for himself, thank you very much. Two cookbooks are out, a new one is in the works, he's the resident cook on ITV's Lorraine and he'll have his own Manchester cookery school opening this autumn. Phew!  


2. Iain 'Baked Alaska' Watters: series 5 

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 Via: The Tab

The beared Irishman strode into the Bake Off Hall of Infamy when he threw his liquid Baked Alaska in the bin rather than present it to the judges. Now?


He's been spotted getting back to the day job: building. Students at Queen Mary University of London spotted the cake-lover working on projects at their institution this summer. 


3. Ruby Tandoh: series 4 

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History and philosophy student Ruby dealt with more than her fair share of vitriol when she took to the tent – seemingly for the twin crimes of being self-effacing and pretty. Oh. 


But a baking book, Crumb: The Baking Book (Hardcover, RRP £20, Random House), plus a weekly recipe column in the Guardian have won her a stream of fans. She's now headed back to academia to finish her degree. 


4. Jo Wheatley: series 2 

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Via: Twitter/ joannewheatley

Taking the series two crown, Jo has since taught food critic Jay Rayner the delicate art of scone-making on The One Show, has published a pair of recipe books A Passion For Baking (Hardcover, RRP £18.99, Constable) and Home Baking (Hardcover, RRP £20, Constable) and runs a baking school from her Essex home. Not bad. 



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