From spoons for Parkinson's sufferers to the flashing fork, technology is coming to the table

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Google's spoon is designed to counter hand tremors and make eating a more enjoyable experience

No longer just a clever search engine and a maker of networked eyewear, Google is now adding a “smart” spoon to its list of hi-tech inventions.


The spoons are designed for people who have recurring hand tremors brought on by nerve disorders or Parkinson’s disease (which Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s mother suffers from). The spoon senses a shaking hand and then uses hundreds of algorithms to make instant adjustments and stay balanced.


Costing $195 and said to reduce shaking by an average of 76%, Google spokesperson Katelin Jabbari said: “we want to help people in their daily lives today and hopefully increase understanding of disease in the long run.”


So what other clever cutlery is out there?



How much does it cost? $99
What does it do? Flashes when your bites are spaced less than 10 seconds apart to help prevent you from eating too fast
We say: we've heard of the slow food movement, but this is just taking things too far

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Bite Monitor

How much does it cost? Set to be around $250
What does it do? The watch-like device counts the number of bites you take each day by tracking wrist movements. It’s like a pedometer for your mouth (sort of)
We say: researchers at South Carolina’s Clemson University believe that 100 bites a day is the magic number for weight loss. Hmm ... maybe we can just take big bites

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Talking plate 

How much does it cost: £1,500

What does it do: measure how quickly you eat by weighing your meal and then timing how long it takes you to finish

We say: we like that it asks you how full you’re feeling – how friendly

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Spaghetti on plate

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