Google's started a food fight with a new tool which compares things with other things

Do you remember, when The Internet first happened, search engines seemed like techy things for techy people (and yes, back then, there was more than Google), and to perform a search you had to think carefully about what you put in the box in order to get the results you were looking for?

Nowadays we just talk to Google as though it were a friend: "How old is Harry Potter now?" "Why do my hands go wrinkly in the bath?" and "Where exactly is my appendix?"

Google’s allowing us to get lazier and lazier in our endless pursuit of knowledge (if we can call it that). And now, it’s allowing us to compare detailed nutritional information of foods at the click of a button.

Simply enter your two ingredients into the Google search bar thus: "chocolate vs doughnut", or "compare pork and cheese" and behold, a table of doom appears before your very eyes:

Report image

The Google tool is in its infancy so hasn’t got everything covered yet. But you can compare simple ingredients like ham vs bacon, wine v beer and bread v pasta.

Here are some things we learned.

1. Apples and oranges are not as incomparable as everyone says

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2. Tea is one calorie more fattening than coffee

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3. If you pit cats against dogs, cats kind of win

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4. Don’t bother Googling stuff you already know. It will only make you sad

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Who’s in for a game of nutrition top trumps?