It’s (drum roll please) all about European cakes this week on the Great British Bake Off. Who will get nil points?

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Red velvet chocolate chip bundt cake. Holey moley

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from our continental cousins, it’s how to bake their cakes – and fancy cakes at that.


If the tiramisu technical challenge from earlier in the series is anything to go by, this week's episode is going to be tenser than the Eurovision Song Contest (and we won't have Terry Wogan to help us through it).


It’s time to get your bake on. Oh là là.

The Italian job

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This lemon polenta cake is free from gluten, wheat and milk, which means it’s almost good for you.  It has a good citrusy kick too. 


Pud to impress

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With all the berry and chocolatey flavours of a Black Forest gateau, this twist on the German cake is an easy showstopper. 

The difficult dome

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Step forward this week's GBBO technical challenge (Paul and Mary are so mean! But we LOVE it!). With layers of airy sponge, jam and cream all topped with marzipan (giving it that smooth appearance), all we can say is, good luck bakers. 


Beautiful bundts

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Chocolate, lemon, sweet potato (no, we’ve not gone mad), the flavour options for these ring-shaped German cakes are endless. 


French fancy

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Take note: this is the favoured sponge in all of le France. Made with very little fat, this light and airy cake can be used for everything from simple sponges to the base of a champagne mousse.


Fruity friand

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These little almond cakes are a great way of using up leftover egg whites (because everyone has that problem, right?). They work wonderfully with different fruits or chocolate chips. 


Put the hungry into Hungary

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The dobos torte is a new one on us too. This multi-layered Hungarian cake is the GBBO showstopper challenge this week. 


But, alas, nothing is ever simple in the baking tent. The brief for the bakers is that they must make a two-tiered torte with an emphasis on caramel. Who will come to a sticky end?