Have you heard of courgetti?

Warning: vegetables are taking over.


If you look at any healthy hipster's Instagram feed, you'll notice that something is missing: stodge.


The lack of pasta or rice might sound unimaginable, until you see these lighter ingredient swaps. 


It’s time to get peeling. 

Swap: rice for cauliflower

We’re not talking about making a risotto here but a ‘rice’ accompaniment. Simply throw some cauliflower into a food processor, then fry a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper... and voilà

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Swap: tacos for lettuce

While romaine lettuce leaves might not have that satisfying crunch of a taco shell, they do act very well as little dishes. 

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Swap: chocolate for cacao nibs

It’s raw chocolate, don’t you know. With all the good stuff that’s in chocolate, just without the sugar and milk, it’s the beans themselves that we’re talking about here. Their flavour can vary depending on how much they are roasted, so if you’re a newbie to the cacao world, try using them in baking. 

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Cocoa nibs

Daniel Brock/ CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Brockamer

Swap: croutons for nuts

We all know that nuts are meant to be good for us but unless they’re covered in chocolate, we rarely eat enough of them. Give your salad some crunch and try swapping out your oily croutons for a scattering of nuts. 

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Nuts on salad

Photo: Brett Stevens

Swap: pasta for courgette

Say hello to courgetti - aka raw courgette sliced in the shape of spaghetti strands. Championed by health food blogger of the moment, Deliciously Ella, vegetables are the new carbs. Fact. 

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Swap: white flour for spelt flour

There’s nothing new about this ancient crop, apart from its new celebrity grain status. Thought to be superior to white flour by healthy hipsters, spelt flour can be used in bread, cakes and biscuits. 

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Spelt loaf

Jeremy Keith / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Adactio