The bakers get fruity over doughnuts for a place in the semi finals

Deep fried, dusted with sugar and bursting with jam, the British doughnut is the finest of its ilk. Well, that was until the GBBO contestants got their hands on it.


This week, the bakers are tackling ‘advanced dough’. No, it’s not some sort of further qualification that follows on from dough GCSE, we’re talking enriched doughs – think sweet fruits loaves and lots of doughnuts. 


But with a spot in the semi finals at stake, a dollop of strawberry jam for your filling just isn’t going to cut it. 


Fill your boots

You’re looking at a raspberry, praline and custard doughnut from the inventor of the St John’s doughnut (that’s the doughnut to try in London), Justin Gellatly. Mmmm. 

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Bread Ahead doughnuts

Via Twitter / BreadAhead


Lovely loaf

This lemon and almond loaf has a serious citrusy kick to it. The sliced almonds add a good crunch to the sweet lemon glaze. We’ll take two slices with our cuppa, please. 

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Can we have S’more?

This S’mores doughnut is loaded with marshmallow, drizzled with chocolate and topped with crushed biscuits. Pure genius.

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Scatter some seeds

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, you’ll know that hipster foodies have been sprinkling chia seeds into everything. They work well in baking too.

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Doughnuts cracked

If you ever needed a reason to stock up on Nutella (have you not heard that a supposed hazelnut shortage is on the way?) then this is it. Why not swap your strawberry jam for a dollop or two of the chocolate and hazelnut spread inside some orange and cinnamon dough?

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And the one we haven't heard of ...

Say hello to povitica. This sweet eastern European bread is made with yeast and a swirl of nut paste (normally walnut). 

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