Boozy agave syrup, absinthe-everything... it's all been done

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Image: This video takes shows our drinking habits through the ages

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Chardonnay, vodka-infused energy drinks, the now back-in-vogue G&T: a whole lot of tipples have had their moment in the sun. 


But booze trends stretch back a whole lot further than our times. 


Sure, you know that martinis were the only cocktail to be seen clutching in the heady 1920s, and that Sex and the City inspired a generation to take up cranberry-heavy Cosmopolitans.


But what about the cultured milk knocked back by Mongols back in 3,500 BC? Or the absinthe heyday of 1792?


Well this video, from American magazine The Atlantic is here to get you all clued up on those, too. From the preferred beverages of the ancients to our current predisposition for craft beer, it covers it all. 



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