We'd rather eat a bar of fruit and nut than swallow this. But maybe that's just us?

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Raw chocolate is said to be all kinds of healthy. Since the cacao beans aren't roasted to high temperatures like in normal chocolate processing, raw chocolate advocates say that it not only tastes better but apparently cacao's antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients remain intact too (although robust scientific research is yet to confirm that one). 


But there's a problem.


Well, two actually.


Chowing down on raw beans (even if they are cooked up into beautiful raw chocolate dishes) is still an acquired taste as it's a bit like nibbling on coffee granules. And if you process these noble little beans with a load of sugar to make the nation's favourite chocolate treats, you're not exactly on the "healthy" side of the fence either. 


So news that a pill is set to harvest cacao beans' nutritional goodness, without all the sugar or a nasty aftertaste, should be relatively welcome. 


The one of the world's biggest chocolate manufacturers, Barry Callebaut, is planning to distill cocoa extract into a supplement pill-form. The idea has already been approved by the European health authorities who have ruled that the product could potentially boost heart health. And the plan is to manufacture a range in partnership with French supplement-makers Naturex, reports The Independent.


But all these scientists seem to have forgotten one thing: what about the pleasure of eating chocolate in the first place? The joy of sinking your teeth into a delicious bar?


There’s no pill replacement for that.




Please note this article has been produced for information purposes only and should not be viewed as a replacement for any kind of nutritional advice.



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