Because breakfast clearly needs its own kind of ketchup

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Image: Forget brown sauce, purple sauce has arrived

Photo: Premier Inn

Blueberry, cracked black pepper, crushed chillies, toasted cumin and smoked salt: purple sauce

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Attention, everyone: breaking condiment news. 


We've had Guinness sauce, and now your breakfast is about to get more colourful this July, thanks to hotel chain Premier Inn and chef Ed Baines.


Introducing – drum roll, please – purple sauce. And it tastes like blackberries.


Designed to add some drama to breakfast dishes, the newly launched purple sauce is made from a base of blackberry, with cracked black pepper, crushed chillies, toasted cumin and smoked salt.


The flavour combination is designed to bring out the best in breakfast staples like sausages and bacon.


"Purple sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a cooked breakfast," said Baines of his new creation.


"Its smoky flavours really work well with meat – particularly pork – and its underlying fruity flavour leaves a delicious aftertaste that leaves you satisfied."

Sadly, this novel idea is only available at Premier Inn restaurants and hotels from 20 July.

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