Fancy doing some baking in Bezza’s kitchen? Well, now you can but it'll come with a hefty price tag

Having the queen of cakes and The Great British Bake Off judge, Mary Berry, in your kitchen is enough to turn the sturdiest of pastry cases into a soggy bottomed mess.

But while she won’t be scrutinising your poorly pounded dough from over your shoulder, you could bake in her kitchen.




The owner of the best death stare in the baking world is selling her family holiday home in Devon – for a hefty price tag of £800,000.


While the kitchen in this three-storey, four-bedroom Old Manse house is modest for the doyenne of the Bake Off, it comes complete with a two-oven Aga – as you would expect since Bezza is a well-known fan.


Speaking to The Mirror, Berry said, "The kitchen works very well."  However, she has conceded to some mod cons: a microwave, electric double oven and a large stainless steel fridge and freezer.


The seaside property (which is being sold via Marchand Petit) also comes with period features, a garage and a much-loved garden. 


Berry said: “We like the garden because it’s low-maintenance, but there’s plenty of space both to the front and back for entertaining, or for the children to spend [time] outdoors."


So, what will £800,000 get you in Devonshire? Feast your eyes on this, dear bakers.

The house

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The kitchen

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The dining room

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Bezza's barbecue

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