Yes, the Simply Crispy café in Belfast just serves crisp sarnies. It's the stuff of childhood fantasies

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Image: First crisp sandwich café opens (and sells out in 2 hours)

Photo: Simpy Crispy

News flash: crisp sandwiches have leapt from guilty pleasure to foodie acceptance. Hurrah!


Completely dedicated to the crisp sandwich, the Simply Crispy café has opened its doors in Belfast – and sold out in just two hours. The idea for the caff began as a joke by the satirical site The Ulster Fry, in response to the rise of themed restaurants (they're talking about you, Cereal Killers).


The site ran a spoof story about a "trendy" new place that was serving the "fashionable" sarnies. After going viral, it fell upon one man, local café owner Andrew McMenamin, to answer those crisp-lovers' dreams.

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Crisp Sandwich

Photo: Simply Crispy

He told the Irish Independent: “When I read the article I immediately thought 'we could make that joke into a reality,' and got in touch."

The lads at the Ulster Fry thought it would be fun.”


The menu, as you might expect, is minimal: you choose your bread, then crisp flavour and add cheese or ham. Simples.


All sarnies come with soup, chips and extra Monster Munch croutons, if you’re really sacking off the January diet with a carb-on-carb feast.


It seems we have not reached saturation point with niche-hipster cafés yet.

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Simply crispy interior


Do you put crisps in your sarnies? What's your perfect combo? Let us know in the comments box below ...