According to scientists, caffeine has a ‘soothing effect’ and protects against the effects of stress. Put the kettle on

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Image: Feeling stressed? Tea really is the best remedy says science

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If you're like Sheldon, you need a extra cup of tea

Tea is better than coffee and don’t try arguing with us.


And it doesn’t need a global empire to prove its worth.


In a time of crisis, nothing makes the world feel that little bit better than a nice hot cuppa – and now science agrees with us.


That’s right: researchers have found that caffeine (in moderation) can protect against the effects of stress.


The report, which was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that mice who were placed in stressful situations (you know, such as when the big cheese is chasing you for a report that was due yesterday) quickly became anxious and lost their appetite.


However, when caffeine was added to their drinking water before putting them under pressure, it stopped most of the symptoms.


Now, we’re not suggesting that you knock back an entire pot of builder’s tea before you get into work, but British experts said in the study that an extra cup ‘won’t hurt'.


There's only one thing to do: time to put the kettle on. Munching on half a packet of Hobnobs is optional ...