For those days when you just can't be bothered to put the cheese on the bread yourself

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Image: Fancy getting a cheese toastie delivered in the post?

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The big cheese has arrived

Cheese on toast is practically a national institution.


So why the heck have we been waiting so long for this genius idea? A gourmet cheese toastie subscription delivery service is heading your way. Oh yes.


We'd like to introduce – drum roll, please – Cheese Posties, launched by two foodie buddies called Dave and Danny. They recently started a Kickstarter campaign aiming to reach £2,000, so their toastie-in-your-postie dream can become a reality.


Don't expect just any boring old toastie, either. Cheese Posties toasties will be made with artisan bread and will come with fillings such as French onion soup – gruyère, caramelised onion and french mustard – gouda and tigernut relish, balsamic blueberry and cream cheese, mascarpone and biscuit butter, and blue stilton and raspberry.


Subscribers will receive toasties for £3.99 a week, including postage. 


This just makes our hearts melt. If you can't wait until they hopefully hit their goal, you can check out these game-changing ideas for simply awesome cheese on toast.



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