Just make sure you're really hungry: one ostrich egg is equivalent to two dozen large hens' eggs

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Image: Fancy an ostrich egg for breakfast?

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Breakfast is served

Breakfast of champions just took on a whole new meaning.


A restaurant in London's Fulham Broadway, WingsEggs – which specialises in serving chicken wings or a full breakfast all day – now has a tough egg to crack on its breakfast menu: the ostrich egg.


The equivalent of 24 large hens' eggs, the ostrich egg takes up an entire plate, can be served scrambled or fried and will cost £55, reports the Evening Standard.


Breakfast decisions are usually pretty straight-forward: wholemeal or white? One sausage or three? But this one takes a little more thought as the exotic ostrich egg needs to be ordered from the restaurant two days in advance if you fancy it for breakfast.


For those whose egg preferences are all about colour over size, you can also order emu eggs – known for their bright blue shells – for the hefty price of £110 a piece.


For that price, it better be the most perfectly cooked egg. Ever.

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WingsEggs breakfast

Photo: Instagram/WingsEggs

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