Who’s up for a three-year-old slice of royal fruit cake? Well, its new owner now plans on giving it away (yes, you read that right)

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Image: Fancy a slice of Wills and Kate’s wedding cake? That will be $7,500

Herry Lawford / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: herry

Someone spending thousands of pounds on a single slice of second-hand fruit cake might seem odd to most of us but some people will do anything to get their hands on a slice of history.


Step forward Gee Chuang. The co-founder and CEO of Listia.com has forked out a whopping $7,500 at auction house Julien’s of Beverly Hills for a slice of William and Kate’s eight-tier wedding cake.


The fruit cake – which was covered in white icing and decorated with 900 sugar-paste flowers and took cake-maker Fiona Cairns and her team five weeks to make – is said to be at its best after 13 months. Er, so won’t it be a bit on the stale side now?


But what’s he going to do with his new royal purchase? Well, give it away apparently. For any royal enthusiasts, Chuang plans on giving it away next April via his website. He says: “You should not have to be rich, famous or royal to collect the things you love.”

Diaries at the ready ...

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