Bompas & Parr want to make sure spooky fun isn't just for kids

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Now this is what a creepy cocktail looks like …

If dressing up like a pumpkin and knocking on strangers' doors isn't quite your idea of Halloween fun, then you might want to check out the latest offering from culinary wizards, Bompas & Parr: skull punch.


The inventive duo are getting into the spooky Halloween spirit this month as part of their Alcoholic Architecture pop-up at Borough Market (yep, the one with the breathable cloud of alcohol) and will be serving up cocktails in human skulls from 19 October.


Real ones.


Just remove the crown of the skull to consume the tipple, which teams Trappist ale, a monastic gentian liqueur (us neither, Google tells us it's something to do with monasteries and mountains?), Buckfast and skull lychen (a moss which grew on skulls) to join in a macabre historic tradition that has been practised for centuries.


"Drinking from a human skull may seem like a spookily suitable activity for Halloween, but actually it taps into a long tradition that mixes military success with mysticism and sheer survival," Harry Parr told the Evening Standard.


"Our skull punch is a tribute to all those who have sought sustenance from skeletal vessels in the past."


Bone-chilling or brilliant? You tell us.


Bompas & Parr are also launching a British Museum of Food at London Bridge on 23 October.


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