Manchester-based initiative Foodinate aims to deal with the growing issue of food poverty

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In happy news of the day, a Manchester-based woman has founded a new charity initiative where every time you buy a certain meal in participating restaurants, another is donated to someone dealing with food poverty. 


Foodinate is the brainchild of Caroline Stevenson, 23, who is piloting her idea in eateries in Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham.


Selected high-value dishes on the menu at the on-board outlets will be marked up as being included in the scheme, with every one bought translating into supper for a person in need. The restaurants will pass the money to buy food on to pre-selected charities, who will then see to the distribution. 


Speaking to The IndependentStevenson detailed how she came up with the plan. "Growing up in Manchester, every time I walked from Piccadilly Station down towards Market Street, I felt so angry seeing the growing number of people sleeping by the sides of the road, begging for money and food,” she said.


“With more than 13 million people in the UK living below the poverty line, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg and I want, more than anything, to create a sustainable impact on this enormous issue." 


The grand design? To roll it out over the rest of the UK. We can't wait. 




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