Nine million tonnes of the UK’s food waste could have been eaten. Eek

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Image: We bin 6 meals every week, say MPs

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We're sure you've asked yourself this question many a time  where does all my money go? 


Well, the answer could be lurking in your fridge. MPs have revealed we’re chucking away £12.5bn-worth of food every year, the majority of which is happening (unnecessarily) in the home. Yikes.


A report compiled by the Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee says: “Half the UK’s food waste occurs in the home, with the average household throwing away the equivalent of six meals every week at a cost of £250-£400 a year.”


The solution? MPs say that more people need to be encouraged to buy British food to reduce imports from abroad (yes, even those misshapen fruit and veg  they’re trendy now, so you can do it), shop more regularly (yes, we all stock up for a snow day when doing the weekly shop), and best-before dates should be revisited.


Anne McIntosh, Tory chairman of the committee, added: “Nine million tons of food goes into bins each year, yet a considerable proportion is fit for consumption.”  

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