Introducing: Restaurant Day. What an idea

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Ever fancied a pop at running your own cake stall/jam shop/pulled pork street food stand?


If you’ve got mad kitchen skills, it’s probably one of those ideas you tease yourself with now and then, before realising that the whole chance of failure/amount of bureaucracy involved is just too daunting.


Which is why we need Restaurant Day. This brilliant concept, devised by a trio of Finnish friends: Antti Tuomola, Olli Sirén and Timo Santala. Essentially, on one day four times a year, anyone can open up shop and start selling food.


Turn your home into a restaurant for paying customers? Check. Sell doughnuts out of your van? Check. Stick a table on the street and start hawking jars of pickle? Check.


It’s a concept so great that it’s now run in several other countries – from Austria to New Zealand – with thousands of one-day-wonder eateries launched.


Time to petition the government to let us have a go? Where do we sign ...


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