Struggling to express your peanut allergy in the 21st century? Food allergy emojis could soon be a tap away on your smartphone

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Image: Emojis for food allergies are coming your way


More emojis, yay!

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Photo: Unicode

If the recent release of the bacon and avocado emoji rocked your world, then brace yourself. This news is even better, especially for those who struggle to digest peanuts, milk products, soya beans and more.


A Google engineer in Japan has submitted a proposal to the Unicode Consortium to add emojis for common food allergies like eggs, bread, milk products, kiwi, crustaceans, mustard, sesame, buckwheat, tree nuts, peanuts and soybeans. 


"Emojis should cover characters representing major food allergens. It would enable people to understand easily what ingredients are in food, even in foreign countries, so they can safely select meals," the proposal explains.


"Peanuts and soybeans ​are food allergens recommended to always be declared. The current emoji set does not have alternatives for them."


The engineer suggested emojis like a baby's bottle to denote milk products, a fried shrimp to alert people to a seafood allergy and half a loaf of bread for products that contain gluten.


No word yet on whether these emojis will be adopted or not, but emojis are going stronger than ever. A new foodie app in the US, Fooji, lets you tweet emojis and then delivers the food you're craving. 


Now, where's the emoji for "totally amazing and why is this not in the UK yet?" when you need it?

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