Stationery just got much more interesting

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Image: Edible art supplies

Photograph: Nendo

Stocking up on a set of pencils isn’t exactly riveting stuff (unless you’re starting a new school term, then it’s big news), but what if we told you that you could eat them too, shavings and all?


No, we haven't been watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on repeat. Japanese design studio Nendo and patissier Sujiguchi Hironobu have created the ultimate sticky-fingered stationery item: the chocolate pencil. 


First manufactured in 2007, pictures of the milk, white and dark cocoa creations have now gone viral – well, they do look fun and delicious.


They might not be fully functional (in the traditional pencil-using sense), but you can use the "sharpener" to shave chocolatey goodness over whatever you like – which makes them better in our book.


Sadly for anyone who feels like a child about to be given a new toy, these chocolate pencils aren't available to buy. We hope they sort this out pronto, but while we wait we're going to figure out a recipe so we can make some.


Our pot of Staedtler yellow and black pencils looks really boring right now.

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Nendo chocolate pencil shavings

Photograph: Nendo

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