Forget Nordic Noir, now it’s all about Nordic nosh

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Image: Eat like a Viking: the Nordic diet is in

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The New Nordic diet: Try this potted mackerel recipe

We love a bit of Nordic – from Sarah Lund’s sweater to Scandi-style homes (hello white walls and wood floors) and IKEA flatpacks.


Now it’s time to stock up on herring and feast like a Viking with the “new Nordic diet” (helmets optional).


It wouldn’t be January without an influx of new fad diets and going Nordic seems to be the first contender.


Focusing on whole grains, plants, berries, fresh fish, meat and rapeseed oil (while steering clear of refined grains such as white bread), this is more of a lifestyle choice than a crazy diet plan consisting of living on celery.


Despite its name, the diet isn't that new and was formulated in 2004 by Danish chefs and nutritionists. Renewed interest in the diet follows research by scientists at the University of Eastern Finland which found that eating the diet reduces inflamatory gene activity in overweight people. Earlier studies at the University of Copenhagen suggested the diet can help with weight loss.


So, could this be the biggest diet trend for 2015? 

Go Nordic with these recipes for gravadlax, beetroot soup or quails’ eggs on rye