Apparently, you should make a fresh batch of glorious broth and drink it for its collagen-filled benefits

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Image: The secret to glowing skin? Drinking chicken stock says celebrity nutritionist, Madeleine Shaw

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She’s a leader of the wellbeing revolution and counts Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh among her clients, but nutritionist and wellbeing coach Madeleine Shaw has added ‘glowing skin’ to the long list of supposed benefits of boiling chicken bones into a broth.

That’s right; the health coach to the stars revealed on ITV's This Morning that her secret weapon to boosting collagen is drinking fresh chicken stock.


Speaking on the show, Shaw said: “When you make chicken stock you are boiling bones down and the bones have collagen in. That’s what’s keeping them together so the collagen goes into the stock.

“It’s an old wives’ tale to drink your chicken stock, but it's really good for your skin.”


So, how should you be taking your stock? Well, either by drinking it on its own, mixed with vegetables or by turning it into a homemade chicken soup.


The downside is that you’ll have to boil those chicken bones yourself so it hardly counts as a quick fix.


While there’s no scientific research to back this up, it’s clear the trend for bone broth isn’t going anywhere soon …

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Madeleine Shaw

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