There is some fabric in there somewhere but basically this is a choc frock

Let’s be honest, what more could you want from a dress?



While we may not see this on Lady Mary any time soon, Downton Abbey costume-maker Caroline McCall has made a sweet flapper-style dress for Chocolate Week.


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Chocolate dress

Via Lindt

Made entirely from chocolate (60kg of the stuff to be precise), this culinary creation will be making its catwalk debut at the chocolate fashion show this week. Yes, that's a thing. An actual thing. 



Inspired by the Crawleys' clothes on Downton Abbey, the 1920s-themed tulip-shaped "Deco Diamond" dress took three months for Bafta-winner McCall to make – with some help from Lindt’s master chocolatier Stefan Bruderer and food artist Paul Wayne Gregory.



How do you make a dress made of the sweet stuff? With great care and attention to detail, for starters. First the dress was fashioned from fabric, then Caroline selected certain panels which she would make entirely from chocolate. To finish the remaining fabric panels were sprayed with chocolate and set. 



There's no denying that the end result looks amazing. We wouldn't recommend anyone actually try to eat it (but each to their own). We just hope those models tasked with showing them off manage to stay cool until the end of the show, which runs at London’s Olympia West from Friday until Sunday. 



Tip: stay away from any kind of heat source.