The grave message came from a producer of the beloved drink, who said our thirst for the sparkling wine could drain suppliers dry

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Image: Don't panic but experts are warning of a global prosecco shortage

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Could this be the end of prosecco on tap?

It’s time to hold onto your mimosas and pray this is nothing but a rumour because prosecco manufacturers have warned that this summer could be very dry.


According to Robert Cremonese, the export manager of Italian prosecco producer Bisol, our global thirst for the fizz has left stocks drastically down.


He told The Drinks Business: “Last year’s harvest was very poor, and down by up to 50% in some parts, so there is a very real possibility of a global shortage.”


As well as the poor harvest and high demand, Cremonese says that many négociants (a French term for a wine merchant) are holding onto their prosecco, using the shortage as “an opportunity to put prices up” which has added to the problem. Although, he admits the full scale of this is unlikely to be fully evident until August when brokers release their stock.


He added: “It might turn out that some of them have no fizz left but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Let’s just calm ourselves and wait for confirmation – but buy up in bulk in the meantime and make these fabulous fizz cocktails, just in case.


And. Breathe. 

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Just add: raspberries, mint and lime

Otherwise known as summer in a glass, this a real fruity cooler. 

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Raspberry and mint cocktail

Photo: Homemade

Just add: hibiscus

Simple and oh-so elegant: put a hibiscus flower with a teaspoon of its syrup in the bottom of a glass and pour in your bubbly. Don’t throw away the flower mind, as it adds a raspberry and rhubarb taste. 

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Just add: orange juice and liqueur

Brunch without a mimosa is like a bacon sarnie without the ketchup: just wrong. 

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Just add: raspberries, sugar, lemon and elderflower

A twist on the classic French 77 cocktail, try swapping out gin for some elderflower cordial or liqueur.


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