Although it tastes of beef or chicken, the world's first beer for dogs is good enough for humans too, apparently

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Image: Yes, there is a beer brewed especially for your dog

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Now man's best friend can enjoy a pint, too

Craft beer is in. Everyone is drinking the stuff – it’s even rubbing up against the likes of vodka and whisky in cocktails.


Well, it has now reached new heights as dog beer is a thing. Really.


Now we’re not recommending challenging your canine to a drinking competition down your local (this could result in one – or all  of the following: a visit from the RSPCA, one sick dog, a lot of strange looks making it impossible to return to your local), but now you can share a chilled pint with your pooch. Phew. 

Snuffle, a Belgian beer brewed specifically for dogs, is set to hit Pets At Home stores any day now (plus plans are in place for it to be stocked at your local, too).


So, what exactly is in the amber nectar? Well, chicken or beef flavouring, vitamin B, oils and minerals. It contains no alcohol so there will be no woof slurring.


You can even drink the stuff yourself (we'll pass). Stefaan Dielens, Snuffle spokesman, told The Telegraph: “It’s made in a brewery, so it’s made like normal beer, only we don’t add the alcohol and the last ingredient is beef or chicken.


“You can drink it. I’ve had a bottle of Snuffle – it tastes a bit like chicken bouillon.”


Hair of the dog indeed.

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