Drinking a glass of wine is the same as downing three shots of vodka, says head of Public Health England

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Image: Do you really know how much you’re drinking?

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Nothing is better than a large glass of red wine after a hard day's work ... but how would you feel if your beloved glass of vino was the equivalent of knocking back three shots of vodka? Because it is. 


The head of Public Health England, Duncan Selbie, has warned alcohol is becoming the "silent killer" of working age Britons.


What’s to blame? Well, people drinking at home, mainly. MPs say that you are better off sipping your favourite tipple in the local pub where measures are controlled.


Writing in his weekly briefing to staff, Selbie cited alcohol as one of the biggest (and hardest to control) risk factors to health. With liver disease now the third biggest killer in the UK, Selbie added that this illness is “largely preventable”. He said: “A large glass of wine is like three shots of vodka, so it is very easy for people to pour a glass and have no idea how much they are drinking.”


Tracey Crouch, the former chair of the alcohol misuse group and a Conservative MP, said: “The middle class professional is coming home of an evening and pouring themselves a glass of wine with dinner and then possibly another after that without realising that over the course of a week it can top what is medically advised.


“People will see it is a very different thing pouring a glass of wine to pouring a three-measure vodka but this is why it is important to have calorific content on the labels – you wouldn’t pour three shots of vodka but you also wouldn’t sit down and eat six doughnuts – but you tend to pour yourself a large measure of wine not a small glass.”


And the truth about the calorie content of that large glass of wine might shock you. The answer? Around 200 calories, which is about the same as a doughnut.

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