If you are what you eat, then we'd really like to be these foodie illustrations

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Image: Deli chic: Food meets fashion in this amazing Instagram account

Photo: Instagram/groehrs

Your five-a-day never looked so good …

Some people never stop playing with their food.


And after seeing illustrator Gretchen Röehrs' Instagram account, we've never been more grateful for that. Or seen a banana peel look so good.


Röehrs' witty take on foodie-meets-fashion illustrations reworks fruit, vegetables, bread, oyster shells and more as jumpsuits, ball gowns and cocktail frocks.


A slice of bread from Tartine Bakery becomes a cute mini-dress, while a banana peel makes a seriously fashion-forward jumpsuit. And don't even get us started on what she can do with a few slivers of carrot …


There are more brilliant pics from Röehrs below. Now, if only we could find someone to design one of these for us …



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