Guys, Dave ate a hot dog with a knife and fork

Ladies and gentlemen, the time in the general election campaign where politicians venture far, wide and into the homes of the average Joe in a bid to look like one of us has arrived.


So, Dave went to Dorset.


The sardine sarnie enthusiast piled his plate high with salads and hot dogs but he knew the world was watching.


Trying to avoid a bacon sandwich moment (hello over there, Mr Milliband), there was only one thing for it: he tackled that hot dog with a knife and fork.


Yes, campaigns are carefully managed staged events, but in the single moment he reached for the cutlery, Dave ended the notion that he was just one of us.


Of course, Twitter was monitoring this bite by bite:

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Via Twitter / Iain_33

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Via Twitter / SkyAnushka

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Via Twitter / Georginaitv


And the one that sums up our sentiments exactly ...

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Via Twitter / DJack_Journo