*No, not that Dave Cameron. The other one who's the head chef at The Hog at Horsley, Gloucestershire

Two-and-a-half pounds of meat. Ten rashers of bacon. A giant bread bun and two fried eggs. 


Some sort of insane all-you-can-eat challenge from a barbecue pit in Texas? No. 


This is a single burger, concocted by a chef in our very own country. 


Head chef at The Hog at Horsley, Gloucestershire, is the man behind the meat monster that he devised to celebrate his village's fete on Saturday 12 September. 


With brisket, beef, pork, onion rings and a pound of chips all in the equation, it totals a mere 6,000 calories.


Care to sample the tower of protein and carbs? It'll set you back a pretty reasonable £10. Unless, that is, you fail to finish it within 45 minutes – in which case another £15 gets whacked on to your bill. 


We've got the meat sweats just thinking about it.

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