Need to take a leak? Today's pee could be tomorrow's pilsner, and the environment will apparently thank you for it

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Image: Danish music festival plans to recycle urine into pilsner


Recycling just took on a whole new meaning

As anyone who's ever been to a music festival can attest, there is nothing quite as disgusting as the portaloos.


Well, things just got weirder.


Danish music festival Roskilde – one of largest music festivals in northern Europe – which took place last week and featured performances from Sir Paul McCartney, Pharrell and Florence and the Machine, has been collecting urine from festival-goers which organisers plan to "beercycle" into pilsner. 


Organisers hoped to collect 25,000 litres of urine from more than 100,000 revellers, which they will use to fertilise barley crops and hope to turn into beer in time for Roskilde 2017.


"It’s about changing our approach to waste, from being a burden to being a valuable resource,” Leif Nielsen, from the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC), told The Guardian.


“The huge amount of urine produced at festivals was having a negative impact on the environment and the sewage system. But beercycling will turn the urine into a resource.


"I think most people can see the reason and the fun behind making a personal contribution to beer brewing, and the fact that rock music is involved will help us get our message across."


Women were also encouraged to pitch in to the cause and use the urinals by festival organisers, who handed out "urine directors".


Star-struck festival-goers may also end up sipping on the waste products of some of their favourite rockers, whose pee was collected as well. 


You never know your luck …

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