As Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte fandom goes next level, we ponder how a simple beverage captures the public imagination

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We may have reached peak pumpkin spice latte, people. 


The autumnal favourite from coffee giant Starbucks – all cinnamon-dusted and whipped-cream lavished – has gone and developed its own cult. 


The Orange Sleeve Society – so called because membership grants you a knitted cosy to store your PSL in – is complete with its own Twitter and Instagram accounts, so that lovers of the drink can dutifully consume artfully posed shots of a sunglasses-wearing cup enjoying some perfectly seasonal activities (hello, wrapped-up in a scarf reading a book in a golden leaf-strewn park.) 


Here it is. 

While this is all getting a little infuriating – a highly sweetened, syrupy coffee isn't worthy of such fervor, in our opinion – it does pique the question: what other drinks inspire such devotion?

The cortardo 

This short hit of java is a simple shot of espresso topped with just a touch of warm milk – but it's also a byword for "I know my caffeine".


Unlikely to be on a menu, order from the barista for access to the cult of this intense, dark fix. 


Aperol spritz 

Never has an apéritif taken off in such a way. From brunches to pre-dinner, the mix of the Italian drink with soda water, orange and fizzy, this sweet sweet idea is the trend that's here to stay. 


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