Because that's what Bompas & Parr have gone and made now

Ever been tempted by the thought of a series of diddy, miniature courses, flecked with edible flowers, gold leaf and unicorn breath, served up at a fancy restaurant? 


Well, you're in the right place.


The next tasting menu to hit London's streets is an exercise in glorious, long-winded and impossibly formal opulence. And jelly wizardry. Gastronomic Willy Wonkas Bompas & Parr are bringing the biggest tasting menu ever seen to The Factory restaurant in Bermondsey this September.

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Running from 3-4 September, their self-described "tactile experience, with surprising presentation and intriguing ingredients" will see eight chefs prepare 1,600 plates over the course of 24 hours.


If forfeiting a night's sleep and spending £1,000 on your supper is your idea of a good time, then there's an option for that. But if your weekends tend to be a slightly more modest affair, book in for one round of 20 courses at £49 a head.

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From Yellow Breakfast (full of "zing, caffeine and craft", apparently) to Purple Five O’Clock Tiffin (a feast of "wild game and dark summer fruits"), there's a whole lot of bases covered. 


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