Out of the 1,789 veggies who participated, 2 in 5 confessed to giving into their meat cravings when they've had a few drinks

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From sneaky late-night burgers to that post-night-out doner and chips, or maybe even a pepperoni-sprinkled pizza, few of us are immune to the lure of a meat-and-carb heavy post night out take away. 


Including, it seems, some vegetarians.


In an anonymous web survey of 1,789 people, money-saving website Voucher Codes Pro found that, when booze gets involved, a significant whack of those who would normally choose falafel come over all carnivorous: with a reported 37% saying that kebab meat, burgers, sausages and bacon sometimes make an appearance in their plastic container post -am on a Saturday night.


Of these, 69% of those who did eat meat when drunk keep it to themselves when sobriety​ hits. 


But, really, is there much harm in coming over a little drunkatarian?


In a time of extreme food "puratanism" (over 2.5m Instagram posts hastagged #eatclean; the gluten-free market forecast to grow by 46% to £560m in two years, despite only 1% of the population being diagnosed as gluten intolerant) perhaps getting a little more lax on labels is a good thing.


We all know that cutting back on our meat intake is a good shout for the environment – eating less beef could reduce our carbon footprint more than giving up cars, according to some experts. But if we all do our bit, then the occasional veggie eating a drunken box of fried chicken isn't the end of the world.


Is it? 



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