Beans, brews and BulletProof: here's what you need to know when it comes to this year's latest coffee trends

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A spoon of instant in a chipped mug topped with a glug of semi-skimmed? So uncool it's untrue. In these heady 2015 days we live in, knowing your coffee is the new black. 


And we're sorry, but if you've only just got your head around cold brew and cafetières, you're already behind. There's a wave of trends on their way in and ready to mess with your caffeine-riddled mind. 


But don't worry. We've asked the lovely Zoe, Australia-native and resident expert at The Black Penny coffee house in London's Covent Garden, for her quickfire guide to what's new and now on the java scene. 


Don't say we don't spoil you. 


1. Cold brew gets creative 


"There's a lot of experimentation with cold brew – that's ground coffee steeped overnight in cold water, before being filtered and it's a smoother alternative to iced coffee – at the moment. Pairing it with tonic water, adding agave syrup; little tweaks like that cut through the acidity."

2. It's time to try pour-over 


"For home brewing, it's all about great new methods of getting the perfect cups. AeroPress, a V60 pour over, Chemex … if you have a little set of scales to weigh out the correct amount of ground beans, you can make a sensational cup. Plus, they're lovely if you have people round for dinner and want to serve coffee at the end." 

3. African beans step up 


"It's not just about Colombian or Brazilian beans any more. Try an Ethiopian or Kenyan bag for sweet, fruity notes." 


4. BulletProof will take a while 


"The idea of BulletProof coffee – that's putting butter or coconut oil in your cup, with the aim of a sustained burst of energy that keeps you going all morning – has really caught on over in the US, but I don't see it becoming a big deal here for a long time. I don't think we're ready to drink fat-laden drinks quite yet."


5. Learn to brew at your coffee shop 


"We're starting to see more and more coffee shops putting on their own workshops, so customers can get to know how to brew well at home, how to choose beans, and how to taste cups. It's all part of the UK's move to being a coffee-loving nation." 


6. Free-from takes centre stage 


"We're past a splash of soya milk from a carton. Now, a lot more coffee shops will be cold-pressing their own almond milk, as well as offering non-soy alternatives like coconut for a creamy coffee."


Visit The Black Penny at 34 Great Queen St, London WC2B


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